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NexGen Range Consulting Services
NexGen structures its offerings in an “a la carte” menu of services, all backed by the NexGen team of experts.  This structure allows clients to choose what services they need, at the time they are needed.  Additionally, it allows business owners to capitalize on their own experience, and focus their funds specifically on areas where assistance can be most valuable. NexGen acts as a “strategic partner” to provide the due diligence, comprehensive analysis, and guidance needed to minimize risk and provide assurances.  We create proposals tailed to our clients’ needs based on the following menu:

Opportunity Analysis, Executive Business Plan, Proforma                                   

  • Research and conduct a geographic and demographic study of existing markets
  • Analyze your project’s viability based on expense projections and revenue potential
  • Develop your Business Plan with detailed profit center analysis
  • Create Proforma of your specific financial model and metrics for business lines
  • Develop structure for memberships, training/classes, event business and other revenue streams
  • Assist in presenting your Business Plan to potential investors and bankers to secure funding

Inventory Management

  • Create inventory plan and pricing strategy for your target market
  • Assist in establishing ordering protocols, and relationships with distributors and manufacturers
  • Develop policies & procedures for inventory control and provide recommendations for work-flow
  • Assist with Point-of-Sale integration, inventory management, and financial reporting systems

Feasibility Studies, Business Valuations & “Go Forward” Plans

  • Review and research each aspect of new business startup or expansion, and create independent, third-party “Feasibility Study” for banks, investors, private equity groups, and civic leaders/agencies
  • Review existing business, operations and financials, and create an independent, third-party valuation of the business
  • Evaluate existing business and market opportunities, and create the “Go Forward” Strategy
  • Present Study, Valuation and/or “Go Forward Plan” findings and results as may be requested

Organizational Structure, Hiring Plan, Policies, and Procedures

  • Create Business Start-up Timeline including construction target dates, equipment and inventory ordering, licensing/permits recommendations, hiring objectives, marketing, etc
  • Construct hiring strategy, with number of employees, payroll and scheduling suggestions
  • Develop Organizational Chart, Roles and Responsibilities Documents and measurable goals for each position and department
  • Create Employee Manual, Standard Operating Procedures and Checklists for Retail, Range, and Training Departments, Range Safety Rules, Waivers for both shooters and class students, Safety and Health Training Manual, Emergency Action Plan and additional organizational documents

Operational Training and Testing

  • Assist in developing SOPs, HR/Personnel Policies, Crisis Management policies, employee hiring recommendations, wage models, roles and responsibilities, and shift schedules
  • Work with your staff during planning to provide an understanding daily operation and perform on-site visit to ensure implementation
  • Provide comprehensive training in the areas of transaction entry and posting, reporting procedures, and opening and closing procedures

Event Business Creation, Membership Plan, and Marketing Strategy

  • Analyze the local market for potential event business and membership offerings
  • Create and develop event offerings for identified target groups and levels
  • Develop all levels of Membership with corresponding benefit plans
  • Develop Marketing Strategy to identify and reach prospective Event Clients and Members

Facility Design & Construction/ Planning Advising

  • Work with architect and general contractor to create optimal design of facility per your vision
  • Coordinate with your construction teams and selection of range equipment and design
  • Assist in navigating through regulatory permitting and licensing processes

Branding / Merchandising

  • Assist in development and implementation of corporate branding strategy
  • Develop of Soft Opening, Grand Opening and ongoing marketing action plans and merchandising strategy to maximize impact with minimal cost

Cafe/Snack Counter Development

  • Assist in the development of the café business plan, design, and opportunity cost
  • Assist in the creative development of the café’s operating policies and procedures, staffing, ordering schedule, and other services
  • Training for both Front of the House (FOH) & Back of the House (BOH) employees & management